Mariana brings a unique combination of warmth and expertise to the high-pressure worlds of hedge funds, private equity, and venture capital. Known for her approachable yet insightful style, powered by assertiveness and resilience, she expertly navigates the complex demands of these fields. Mariana offers psychotherapeutic techniques tailored to her clients’ specific challenges, enhancing both their professional success and personal growth. Her ability to empathize and adapt in challenging career environments makes her an invaluable performance coach, dedicated to fostering wellbeing alongside professional achievements in the dynamic world of high finance.

Performance Coaching

Tailored to the unique pressures of the finance sector, this coaching focuses on enhancing strategic decision-making, resilience, and peak performance, contributing to both personal fulfillment and professional success.

Bespoke Team Building

These events are crafted to fortify team culture, deepen loyalty, and boost motivation, leading to sustained high performance and enhanced job satisfaction.

Speaking Engagements

Mariana’s talks are a blend of psychological insights and practical strategies, tailored for the financial world, inspiring professionals to achieve balance, resilience, and excellence in their competitive roles.

Unlock your potential in the finance world with Mariana’s specialized services. Elevate your team’s performance, resilience, and wellbeing with her tailored psychotherapy, coaching, and speaking engagements. Contact Mariana today to begin your journey towards professional excellence and personal growth.


"Mariana has been instrumental in enhancing my performance as a hedge fund manager. Her deep understanding of high-pressure environments, combined with her empathetic approach, has given me valuable tools for stress management and decision-making. Her sessions have led to noticeable improvements in my professional effectiveness and personal well-being."
James S
Hedge Fund Manager
"In private equity, maintaining peak performance under pressure is key. Mariana's strategies for resilience have been a cornerstone of my professional toolkit. Her ability to tailor her approach to my specific needs has not only enhanced my negotiation skills but also my overall leadership qualities."
Liam C
Private Equity Executive