Online Therapy

My approach is grounded in sincerity, trust and openness, with a pinch of my signature humor. I specialize in depth psychology thus helping individuals find a sense of purpose and create a meaning oriented life. I work with individuals who are open to the exploration of the subtle, unconscious, and transpersonal aspects of their human experience. This may invite a unique dialogue with the unconscious, the study and exploration of dreams, complexes, and archetypes. 

In your therapy journey  we will not focus on a few surface issues. Instead, it will involve building a deeper analysis of who you are underneath your present level of consciousness and also a deeper understanding of how that impacts your decisions in various circumstances or experiences. 

My approach is not focused on one specific modality. I embrace the idea that each of us possesses traits or elements of nature that may influence our natural processes, particularly on the unconscious level. 

The Soul Work Program

A step by step emotional rehabilitation journey that is designed to help you navigate the inner complexity of your emotional and behavioral ecosystem. The program consists of 12 sessions and is focused on practical and applicable knowledge to equip you in the exercise of grounding and harmonious living. 

For Workplace Wellbeing

Mental Health Awareness Workshop

Mental health at work is crucial for employee wellness, engagement and creativity. Unfortunately, stigma around mental health challenges persist and open dialogue encouraging the creation of mentally healthy workplaces is not yet seen as best practice. This training provides organizations with the language to talk about mental health, the understanding to support employees with challenges and the steps to move towards greater psychological health and safety in the workplace.

Compassion Fatigue Workshop

Compassion fatigue, also called “the cost of caring,” can be experienced by people working in environments where there is a high chance of exposure to secondary trauma. These individuals are at risk of potential mental health challenges, relationship problems and the inability to perform work responsibilities. The symptoms of compassion fatigue are hard to recognize and require adequate support for the individual experiencing it. This workshop will help employers, employees and volunteers who may develop compassion fatigue, including first responders, clergy, teachers, counsellors, social workers, health care professionals, veterinarians and individuals who are the first point of contact for those going through a crisis or disaster.

Regenerative Leadership Program

Together, we will take a deep dive into how leaders build resilient, agile and thriving companies powered by purpose and meaning. Inspired by the most wonderful Laura Storm and her passion for regenerative principles of nature, this program has been created for leaders, senior managers, project managers, team leaders, practitioners, edge-walkers, strategists, thought-leaders, cultural creatives, pioneers, HR-professionals and entrepreneurs who desire a new dimension for their work. A way that serves a bigger purpose. A way that is respectful to both human as well as planetary resources. A way that taps into the wisdom of nature in how we design, create, lead & collaborate.