Welcome to SimplyWell Psychology Practice (SWPP), where the art of integrative psychotherapy meets the science of performance enhancement strategies. Founded by Mariana Bodiu, SWPP is a sanctuary for mental wellness and professional growth. Below are our core services, each rooted in Mariana’s unique blend of cultural wisdom, professional experience, and clinical expertise.

Individual Therapy

In her practice, Mariana employs integrative psychotherapy, a powerful and personalized approach to mental health and wellbeing. This method enables her to blend various psychological theories and techniques, creating a holistic and adaptable treatment plan tailored to each individual’s unique needs and life experiences.

Each session lasts 50 minutes. This duration is carefully chosen to provide ample time for meaningful conversation and reflection, while also fitting seamlessly into the busy schedules of professionals. These sessions are an intensive exploration into the client’s inner world, allowing for significant progress in each meeting.

  • Managing stress and anxiety, especially pertinent in high-pressure work environments.
  • Treating depression and mood disorders, providing understanding and strategies for coping.
  • Navigating relationship challenges, both personal and professional, to improve interaction dynamics.
  • Facilitating personal growth and self-discovery, helping individuals to comprehend their motives, actions, and untapped potential.
  • Supporting clients through significant life changes, like career shifts or personal milestones.
  • Unraveling and healing intergenerational trauma and complex family dynamics.

For detailed information about Individual Therapy sessions with Mariana, including scheduling and fees, please reach out via email.

Parent-Led Therapy

Mariana’s approach to Parent-Led Therapy is centered around empowering parents with the necessary skills and insights to navigate the complexities and rewards of parenting. Drawing from her deep understanding of human connections and family dynamics, she offers guidance and strategies to help parents foster a nurturing and effective approach to parenting.

Each Parent-Led Therapy session conducted by Mariana is 50 minutes in length. This duration is carefully chosen to allow for a focused exploration of specific parenting issues and concerns, while also being manageable for busy parents. Her sessions are structured to be insightful, supportive, and pragmatic, effectively addressing the unique challenges faced by each family.

In her Parent-Led Therapy sessions, Mariana assists parents in various aspects of parenting, including:

  • Developing effective communication strategies with children of all ages.
  • Understanding and managing behavioral issues, offering constructive approaches to discipline and guidance.
  • Navigating the emotional complexities of parenting, including strategies for dealing with parental stress and anxiety.
  • Strengthening the parent-child relationship, building a foundation of trust and mutual respect.
  • Addressing specific family challenges, such as blended families, single parenting, or parenting children with special needs.
  • Providing support for educational and developmental concerns, aligning parental approaches with the child’s needs.

Mariana’s approach in Parent-Led Therapy is a collaborative effort aimed at building stronger, healthier family dynamics, backed by her professional expertise and a deep commitment to fostering meaningful human connections.

Discover more about our Parent-Led Therapy by contacting us for session details and enrollment information.

Systemic Constellations

A profound and innovative approach to understanding and resolving the intricate web of personal and professional relationships. This method is deeply insightful, exploring the unseen forces and dynamics that shape our interactions and experiences.
Systemic Constellations allow us to visualize and confront the hidden influences within our family systems, social circles, and professional networks. By setting up a “constellation,” participants can physically represent and observe the dynamics of their relationships. This process brings to light subconscious loyalties, hidden conflicts, and unacknowledged traumas that influence our daily lives.

Each Systemic Constellations workshop lasts for 2 hours and is designed for up to 12 participants. This duration and group size are optimal for creating a rich, interactive experience, allowing each participant to engage deeply with the process.

The workshop provides a safe, respectful, and contained space for exploration. As a facilitator, Mariana guides participants through the constellation, helping them to identify and interpret the symbolic representations of their relationships. This guidance is crucial for ensuring that the insights gained are meaningful and transformational.

  • Gaining clarity on personal and professional relationships.
  • Uncovering and addressing deep-seated family patterns and dynamics.
  • Enhancing understanding and empathy within interpersonal interactions.
  • Resolving long-standing conflicts and emotional blockages.
  • Facilitating healing from intergenerational trauma.
  • Improving team dynamics and communication in professional settings.

In these workshops participants embark on a journey of discovery and resolution. It’s an opportunity to explore the depths of their relational world, gaining insights that can lead to profound changes in their understanding of themselves and others.

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Group Therapy

SWPP Group Therapy offers a transformative experience over a year, providing a supportive environment for personal growth and healing. Limited to 8 participants, this intimate setting fosters deep connections and meaningful interactions.

Intakes occur every three months, ensuring a dynamic group composition while maintaining continuity. Each session builds upon the last, exploring various personal and interpersonal themes. The duration of each session is 3 hours and the group meets once a week. This structure allows for a comprehensive journey, facilitating profound and lasting change.

This year-long commitment is a pathway to in-depth healing through shared experiences. In these sessions, participants engage with their own stories and listen to others’, creating a unique experience of empathy and support. The program is not just about individual therapy; it’s about growing and healing together, in a space that values each person’s unique journey.

Joining this program means embarking on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, supported by the collective strength and understanding of the group. It’s an opportunity to explore, understand, and change in a nurturing and empathetic environment.

Join our supportive Group Therapy at SimplyWell Psychology. For information on our next intake and program details, including pricing, please get in touch via email.